A new revolution

August 19, 2007

America is lost in the world today.

She is trapped in a disastrous civil war in Iraq from which there is no escape.

She is crushed by soaring deficits and runaway spending.

Her political institutions have migrated from social justice to corporatism.

We at Libertarians for Kucinich are proud, free libertarians who wish to promote Mainstream Libertarianism within America’s major political parties.

Surveying the field, we hold that Dennis Kucinich is the most libertarian major-party candidate.  With more support than any other libertarian running as a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian candidate, and positioned within the party expected to win the White House in 2008, we stand behind Dennis and his plan to bring us Liberty in our Lifetimes!

It’s time for a revolution.  It’s time for Dennis!

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