Libertarians for Kucinich Condemn Hoax Mailing by Imperato’s Purist Libertarian Opponents

August 22, 2007

We recently received a mailing that looked like an official brochure from the Daniel Imperato, Libertarian for President campaign. But on closer inspection, it was clearly a hoax, as it contained crazy big-government schemes that no Libertarian would ever espouse.

Of course, we don’t support Imperato or any of the other Libertarian Party candidates, since all polling shows the next President will be a Democrat, and we believe the goal must then be to elect the most libertarian Democrat possible — Dennis Kucinich. But we nonetheless oppose dirty tricks by Libertarian Purists who wish to defame Mainstream Libertarians, whether inside the Libertarian Party, like Imperato, or outside it, like our Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich and Republican candidate Ron Paul.

While these Purists haven’t yet attacked our candidate, they’re clearly already going after Ron Paul, by putting out what’s supposed to be a 1992 newsletter in Ron Paul’s name which claims that all black men are predisposed to criminal behavior, and almost all black men in the Washington, DC area are guilty of some crime, whether they’ve been caught and convicted or not. They’ve even tricked Ron Paul into admitting that the newsletter was indeed published by someone working for him. These Libertarian Purists must be stopped. They’re ruining the best chance for Liberty in our Lifetime™.

Here’s a sampling of the crazy big-government schemes in the Imperato-branded brochure that tipped us off that it was a hoax by the Purist Libertarians:

  • “One of the biggest abuses in America is charitable contributions”
  • “I propose a new charity system where the only charity that can receive unlimited contributions is the Social Security 501(c)3 Charitable Fund”
  • “I propose an approval fee on all FDA approved drugs to be contributed by the drug companies to the US healthcare system”
  • “In addition, a percentage will be added to the wholesale costs of the drugs that are sold around the world”
  • “It is about time the drug companies support our healthcare needs”
  • “One of my major initiatives will be a US online education system … These programs and classes … will represent a gesture of moral and social responsibility by and between all universities which will collectively create the greatest online free education system in the world”

Clearly, if even our Mainstream Libertarian Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich and his Republican counterpart Ron Paul wouldn’t suggest such things, there’s no way an actual Libertarian Party candidate like Imperato would. So this brochure is clearly a hoax, probably put out by one of the Purist Libertarian candidates for president like Christine Smith or George Phillies. Whichever one of them did this ought to be ashamed and should come forward apologize immediately. Then, they should take a dose of political reality, figure out that a Democrat will be the next President, and then join us in supporting the most libertarian Democrat running — Dennis Kucinich!

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