Neither Here Nor There

August 22, 2007

The other day, a fellow Libertarian told me I was crazy for supporting Dennis Kucinich for President. “Don’t you know? Over 72% of Libertarians support Ron Paul. You should fall into line and get behind Ron Paul like the rest of us Libertarians.”

But Ron Paul can’t become President, and it’s for one reason and one reason only:

George Bush’s taint.

Yes, by merely being a Republican, Ron Paul simply cannot escape George Bush’s taint. Bush’s taint is all over Ron Paul. Granted, Ron Paul is extremely courageous by running for President, even with George Bush’s taint on him. I certainly couldn’t do that myself. If I had George Bush’s taint on me, not only would I not have the nerve to run for the highest political office in the land, but I’d even be too embarrassed to leave my home and venture out into the public. It would just be too much for me — knowing that every single pair of eyes that landed on me knew George Bush’s taint was on me. The mere thought of George Bush’s taint on me turns my stomach. I just don’t know how Ron Paul can even get out of bed in the morning with George Bush’s taint on him, because I’d just curl up and die.

Libertarians need to wake up and be more practical. A Libertarian isn’t going to win the White House. And thanks to the Iraq War and George Bush’s taint on all of the Republican candidates, a Republican won’t win either. The next President will be a Democrat. So we might as well all get behind the most libertarian Democrat around, and that’s Dennis Kucinich.


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