Keep Healthcare Holy

August 24, 2007

Lately, militant free-market healthcare activists have been trying to re-define health insurance as something other than the union of one worker and one single payer monopoly.

Did Adam contract privately with some guy named Steve to have his rib removed in the Garden of Eden? Of course not! He let his boss, God, remove that rib from him, and this was when God created single-payer healthcare (and Eve), and it was good.

But ever since Eve screwed things up for the rest of us and got humanity ejected from Eden, we’ve been trying to get back to that ideal of receiving our healthcare from the highest centralized power possible. First, it was a slightly higher power, our employer, in the form of the HMO. Then, state governments got into the act by mandating health insurance for everyone in the state. And now it’s time for a national healthcare system. In 20 or 30 years, we may be able to get the whole world united under a UN global single-payer healthcare system, at which point God may finally let humanity back into Eden and once again take responsibility for our healthcare.

But this can’t happen if the sin of privately-purchased healthcare is allowed to continue. We must do everything in our power to outlaw free-market health services, and the first step is the Defense of Healthcare Act, which would block activist judges from striking down state laws banning private healthcare. Anyone who believes in states’ rights should immediately contact their Senators and Representatives to urge passage of the Defense of Healthcare Act.

Let’s keep healthcare holy. After all, healthcare started out with Adam and God, not Adam and Steve.




  1. This one is the funniest one yet!!! So ‘universal healthcare’ (see: socialists – everyone else pays so you don’t have to work) is somehow “Holy???” If you want to get back to Adam & Eve, that would require having God heal you. I have no problem with that. Many religions reject man’s healthcare, I’d suggest you do the same if you don’t want to pay for it. Somehow I doubt that God would endorse you forcing someone else at gunpoint to pay for a service that you want/need. Not very “Holy.” It’s theft to take your neighbor’s money to pay for your healthcare. It didn’t work in the Soviet Union, it didn’t work in East Germany, it’s not working in Cuba, it’s not working in Canada, and it’s not “holy” in all of those places.

  2. Your criticism of universal health care, a human right, is indicative of the sort of dangerous territory we fall into when purists are allowed to run the libertarian movement. Dennis is a realist Mainstream Libertarian who can carry us to victory and give us the hope that we so desperately need. Your parochial special interest opposition to Holy Health Care only underscores the purism that has so damaged our movement!

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