Slapdown from the Watergate

August 24, 2007

When the LNC staff posted to their blog about the Iraq quagmire, we politely suggested that the best way to get the US out of Iraq was for Libertarians to support Kucinich.

The comment was immediately removed from the blog.

Of course, if there were some sort of policy on the LP Blog against comments supporting major party candidates, we’d understand. But then that doesn’t explain all of these pro Ron Paul comments that were left up on the blog:





This, coupled with the LP Executive Director’s gross misstatement of the Libertarian Platform’s position on abortion (which calls for an end to government interference in abortion at all levels of government, not just at the federal level, and certainly does not call for overturning Roe v. Wade):


makes me think that Mr. Cory is endorsing Ron Paul.

Well, good for him. It’s a step in the right direction. Despite the fact that his paycheck comes from the contributions of dues-paying Libertarian Party members, he has correctly determined that Libertarians have no chance of winning the White House in 2008 and has therefore decided to back a major party candidate. Of course, his strategy is fatally flawed, because of George Bush’s taint on Ron Paul and all of the other Republicans, which will guarantee that the next President is a Democrat.

So, Shane, you’re halfway here. Just a few more steps in the direction of political expediency, and you’ll be on the winning team — Libertarians for Kucinich!


  1. In the same interview, Corey also said the biggest problem libertarians have with Paul is that he’s a Republican. It’s pretty clear he supports the LP and will endorse whoever their candidate for president is, not Ron Paul (or Dennis Kucinich).

  2. LNC Memogate

    From Shange Cory

    > Dear LNC Members,
    > If you have not already seen this, it is a recount of the first
    > Libertarian presidential debate held in Nevada this past weekend.
    > After reading it, I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry.
    > The lady who wrote the piece summarizes her thoughts with this:
    > In conclusion, here’s how I’d personally rank those candidates for the
    > Libertarian presidential nomination:
    > 1. Someone better, please!
    > 2. George Phillies
    > 3. Steve Kubby
    > 4. None of the above (don’t run a presidential candidate at all)
    > 5. Dave Hollist
    > 6. Gene Chapman
    > Sigh.
    > As far as the debate performance, she rated and described our current
    > batch of candidates as “whackjob”, “incoherent whackjob”, “charisma of a
    > wet towel”, and the third one she could not really rate as he debated
    > over the phone as he was not allowed to leave his state per the terms of
    > his parole.
    > I’m speechless. . .
    > Read it for yourself here:
    > http://www.jacquelinepassey.com/blog/2007/02/two_whackjobs_a_convicted_felon_and_george_phillies.html
    > To add even more humor to our 2008 presidential dreams, while those
    > above where wowing the crowds, another one of our candidates was on the
    > radio in Colorado Springs (one of the largest populations of
    > Evangelicals in the nation) plugging LP.org along with
    > StonewallLibertarians.com which, of course, features a photo from “Naked
    > Boys Singing” on their front page.
    > I saw another of our candidates on late night television not too long
    > ago. . . in a commercial for Girls Gone Wild.
    > My hands are tied here guys, yours are not.
    > Please correct me if I’m wrong, but LNC members are permitted to recruit
    > presidential candidates.
    > At the very least, could you pay some poor, starving actor or actress to
    > play the role of a candidate?
    > Admittedly, it could be worse.
    > Hillary could be our candidate.
    > Pulling out my hair,
    > Shane

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