It’s Time To Reform The Libertarian Party

August 30, 2007

While the Libertarian Party is presently hopelessly purist and exclusionary, we have an opportunity to take it back to a more inclusive time.

The LP was never meant to serve as a slave to the wealthy, corporatist interests it presently represents. These powerful interests, using their corrupt money and dirty politics, have taken the party in an extreme right direction and have ignored the Party’s history as a defender of individual liberty.

One of the most dangerous manifestations of this is the Libertarian purists’ assault on one of our most precious rights — the right to health care — and the accompanying freedom it provides. Namely, freedom from fear.

Royal libertarians have long advocated for a system of economic Darwinism that would return our nation to the worst predations of the imperial British system of years past. Our forefathers fought valiantly against this system to get us the rights that we enjoy as Americans today — public health care, free K-12 education, the school lunch program, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Royal libertarians fight this tooth and nail.  They have even sought to use federal power to overrule states’ rights to create single-payer health care systems as a violation of the “rights” of corporations!  Yet again, the federal government overrules the will of the people to enforce the will of the corporations.

Fortunately, not all of the Libertarian Party has gone completely off the deep end. The Libertarian Reform Caucus is fighting for common sense Mainstream Libertarianism, and posting new platform ideas that remove divisive purist issues and replace them with electable issues so that Mainstream Libertarians can win elections.

We salute the fighters at the Libertarian Reform Caucus for their efforts to bring the Libertarian Party out of the anarchist miasma and into the mainstream of social democracy that represents our future. And we encourage all Libertarians for Kucinich to embrace a mainstream platform by registering as Democrats to support Dennis and, failing that, making him the Libertarian nominee for president.

L4K will also be bringing the Libertarian Party into the mainstream by encouraging the Libertarian Reform Caucus to embrace further social democratic initiatives in the future. Victory is not the best option, it’s the only hope for America!


  1. The problem with a “right to health care” is that it implies a “right to enslave others”. This can be either direct, as in enslaving doctors and nurses, and forcing them at gunpoint to treat you, or it can be indirect, as in enslaving taxpayers, and forcing them to pay for your treatment. Whichever way you go, there can be no “right to enslave others”, and thus there can be no “right to health care”.

  2. That is the sort of extreme purism that keeps the Libertarian movement in the single-digit percentages. By pursuing a platform that delivers on positive rights — not just negative rights — we will soar to victory.

    Universal health care is an established human right as laid out by the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Kudos to the Libertarian Realists and Mainstream Libertarians at the LRC for acknowledging this fact and working towards a libertarian social democracy.

  3. Are you kidding me!!! “free” healthcare is not a right!! You have the right to take care of your health, but you have no right to make me pay for it. Do you have no concept of the definition of ‘rights’?! Holly mackerel. You’re passing this off as libertarian? By the way, there is no such thing as “free” in a monetary since, someone always pays… you are advocating that someone be other than the person receiving the service – diametrically opposed to libertarian principals! Claiming that forcing others to pay for a service that you receive is in ‘libertarian’, is NewsSpeak – “right is wrong, and good is evil”

  4. Universal healthcare is a human right as defined by the United Nations convention on human rights. Nobody is “forced” to pay for anything — everyone signs onto the social contract to get services.

    Besides, a majority of Americans supports it. We should not be hurting the libertarian movement by embracing purist extremism against universal health care. It is much better if we pursue a strategy of electable libertarians like Dennis who can actually win office and make change. Purism has cost us far too much already — especially purist attacks on social justice!

  5. You really like the term “purist extremism”..but you really have to find some other words to call an entire political party. You’re sounding very juvinile. I don’t agree with a lot of the Libertarian Party’s platform, so I don’t see how I’m a “purist”, or an “extremist”, however, I am a registered Libertarian and I am smart enough to realize the difference between socialism and libertarianism. So, if you by chance happen to be a libertarian supporting Kucinich, then you aren’t really a libertarian now are you? Oh yes, and the United Nations has no right to set the standard for liberty, but our Constitution most definitely does.

    We are debating with a guy who’s alias is shayguevara..hmmm…

  6. Who says the Constitution does, besides purists?

    Some Libertarians have been smart enough to aim for electability (to an extent) in Ron Paul. But Ron Paul is a minor candidate in the party that will lose the White House.

    We are supporting the most libertarian candidate in the party that will WIN the White House.

    You purists are busy complaining about “socialism” rather than getting behind the most electable libertarian, Dennis Kucinich. Your rejection of Mainstream Libertarianism over fringe issues like “the Constitution” keeps the libertarian movement in the fringes of society.

  7. Okay, well..you said it. The Constitution is a “fringe issue”. I think the so-called “Kucinich Libertarians” are a little bit more in the fringes of society than the entire Libertarian Party. You do realize that socialism and libertarianism are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum, right? And I also hope you realize that your argument does no justice to your distorted cause whatsoever. So please, keep it up. Ron Paul probably won’t come anywhere close to winning, but Dennis Kucinich is going to fade into obscurity as well.

    Oh yeah, you have yet to show any sign of libertarianism. So may I suggest changing your name so socialistsforkucinich?

  8. If Kucinich libertarians are in the “fringes” of society, how come the Kucinich Revolution has sent Dennis to Congress and elected progressive libertarian Democrats across the country, while the Ron Paul “revolution” cannot score above 3% in the Republican primary?

    Purist fantasies of anarchy might be useful for passing the time, but they don’t bring us Liberty In Our Lifetimes ™.

    We have to be pragmatists. So you purist libertarians keep on insisting that healthcare isn’t a right, while we make a big difference in the world by delivering libertarian social democracy to every American!

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