Paul supporters acknowledge Kucinich is a libertarian but still don’t understand electability

August 31, 2007

While it’s great that Ron Paul’s camp now clearly agrees that he and Dennis Kucinich are equally libertarian, the fact that they think a ticket would have Paul for President and Kucinich for Vice President shows that they still don’t quite grasp political reality. Because of George Bush’s Taint all over Paul and the rest of the Republicans, only a Democrat can be elected President next year. So the best hope for a libertarian President is Dennis Kucinich. But as Dick Cheney has shown, even a politician who actually derives his very sustenance from George Bush’s Taint can be elected Vice President, so that’s where we think Ron Paul would do the most good.

But despite the fact that the video above has the positions on the ticket reversed, we love the “crawl” at the bottom. Kudos to Ron Paul’s web campaigners. If we had as many nerdy virgins on our team as Ron Paul does, we could probably come up with something for YouTube that actually showed the ticket the way we think it ought to be. Alas, this blog is probably the most technologically advanced medium we’ll be able to muster, with everyone here so busy dating, spending quality time with their spouses and kids, and socializing with friends. There’s just no way we’ll ever catch up to the Paul campaign’s Internet supporters, which is the only group of people who spend more hours per day on the web than World of Warcraft gamers.



  1. Hmmm …. a socialist as Libertarian as Dr. No. I think not.

  2. Dennis Kucinich is not a “socialist” — he is a libertarian Democrat. In fact, Ron Paul has been stealing his platform on the war to “prove” his libertarian credentials.

    Even if Paul was as libertarian as Dennis, he isn’t electable. Dennis is. Thus, the only course of action for common-sense libertarians is to support Dennis.

  3. […] conspiracy theory that will help Ron Paul.” For the rest of you, cool it.   As my frenemy Scratch would say, “The Man is not going to let Ron Paul win anything. The Man is real and He’s got […]

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