Ron Paul Campaign Implodes As Kucinich Support Doubles

September 6, 2007

The “Ron Paul Revolution” came crashing to earth this weekend.

FORT WORTH – As the vote tallies were announced at the Texas Republican straw poll Saturday, at least one supporter of Rep. Ron Paul of Lake Jackson couldn’t contain his frustration.

“Fix!” he yelled from the back of the ballroom at the Fort Worth Convention Center. “There’s no way.”

Ron Paul barely placed in the 5% mark in his home state! This, in a straw poll that was stuffed with every Ron Paul supporter, and which the major candidates in the race ignored. Meanwhile, he continues to poll at under 2% of the Republican primary vote nationwide.

Contrast this to the Kucinich surge:

Dennis Kucinich is at 5% in the EPIC/MRA poll

Just this time last month, Dennis was polling at the same level that Ron Paul was — 2% in the Democratic polls (while Paul was at 2% in the Republican polls).

Despite spending millions of dollars, Ron Paul’s message has failed to win any support in the Republican Party — he remains stuck at 2% and cannot grow, or even win a straw poll in his home state!

Meanwhile, Dennis has over doubled his support in the Democratic primary with a Mainstream Libertarian message of peace, freedom and security through social justice.

Keep in mind that the Republicans don’t have any chance of winning, due to George Bush’s Taint being all over the Republicans (as my colleague Raul Pon has noted repeatedly). A Democrat will win this election.

So we can waste our money on a struggling candidate in the losing party, or we can support the most libertarian candidate in the party that will win the White House.

If Dennis continues his trend of doubling his support every month, continued momentum could make him the dominant candidate in the Democratic Party’s nomination as soon as December.

Ron Paul supporters need to get real, read the numbers, and stop their losing vanity campaign. They’re acting as naive, stubborn, and unrealistic as Libertarian Party supporters!

If we want Liberty In Our Lifetimes ™, we need to support the winning libertarian mainstream candidate with real momentum. We need someone who is getting more support in the winning party — someone with more media access, someone with more popular support among celebrities, someone young, vital and passionate.

Paul supporters should give up their pipe dream, do the responsible thing, and support Dennis Kucinich. Today.  Their naive attachment to the no-hope Paul campaign will only hurt the chances of the electable Libertarian Democrat in this race.


  1. Jeepers,

    Bad enough that the MSM jiggles statistics and dumps its bias all over the “second tier” (aka “un-selected by MSM pukes”) candidates. Now guy like you are doing it also?

    What gives? Whether there was any abject “fixing” of the Texas Straw Poll or not is irrelevant. The poll was a “CLOSED” poll — open only to specific previous (GWBush era) delegates, and so was obviously NOT a valid view of Texas support for Ron Paul (nor indeed ANY of the candidates).

    But why does this site create and state a blatant lie? Ron Paul received nearly 17% of the vote, not the 5% stated in this article (easy to verify by simply searching Google for “Texas Straw Poll results” — brings up a Reuters article that states “Texas Congressman Ron Paul was third with just under 17 percent of the vote.”

    So again, why the lies and fraud? Don’t Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul and Mike Gravel and others receive enough of that kind of _ _ _ _ from the MSM?

    Shame on you! You have no integrity, and it reflects badly on your candidate of choice.

    Or is Hilary (or Romney?) paying you to do this? Injure two birds with one stone? Trying to discredit both RP and DK in one stroke?

    Sickening, no matter what the motive.

  2. Ahhh, I finally get it… THIS IS a parody site… I didn’t see the Sickle & hammer attached to the Statue of Liberty.

    Now I understand. All we have to do is track back the IP number of the poster and we’ll find the rat…

    Whose money is on which “frontrunner” ? This seems so far below the belt — too far for anyone but Rove (or his twin brother). But Rove is actually sharper, so this must be the work of one of his “intellectually challenged” siblings.

  3. Your empty threats only underscore why Libertarians for Kucinich must shine the light of truth through the statist darkness. Only through electing Dennis Kucinich, the electable libertarian, can we achieve Liberty In Our Lifetimes ™ and stop the New World Order.

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