Slapdown from the Watergate

August 24, 2007

When the LNC staff posted to their blog about the Iraq quagmire, we politely suggested that the best way to get the US out of Iraq was for Libertarians to support Kucinich.

The comment was immediately removed from the blog.

Of course, if there were some sort of policy on the LP Blog against comments supporting major party candidates, we’d understand. But then that doesn’t explain all of these pro Ron Paul comments that were left up on the blog:





This, coupled with the LP Executive Director’s gross misstatement of the Libertarian Platform’s position on abortion (which calls for an end to government interference in abortion at all levels of government, not just at the federal level, and certainly does not call for overturning Roe v. Wade):


makes me think that Mr. Cory is endorsing Ron Paul.

Well, good for him. It’s a step in the right direction. Despite the fact that his paycheck comes from the contributions of dues-paying Libertarian Party members, he has correctly determined that Libertarians have no chance of winning the White House in 2008 and has therefore decided to back a major party candidate. Of course, his strategy is fatally flawed, because of George Bush’s taint on Ron Paul and all of the other Republicans, which will guarantee that the next President is a Democrat.

So, Shane, you’re halfway here. Just a few more steps in the direction of political expediency, and you’ll be on the winning team — Libertarians for Kucinich!


Rethinking California’s Undefended Border

August 24, 2007

A recent commentator in California discussed the problem of so-called California out-of-state babies, children born in California hospitals to out-of-state parents. These children become entitled to state benefits such as education, and thus serve as a potential anchor for their parents to remain in the state. Our state authorities understandably are reluctant to break up families by extraditing parents of young babies. But the “right” of out-of-staters to live in California, yet another invented “right” contrived from the Constitutional right of freedom of movement between states, has become a serious cultural and economic dilemma for all Californians.

Yet again, activist judges have decided that the Constitutional right of US citizens to move through states automatically grants a “right to residency” in any state a person chooses – overthrowing the rights of the State of California (and thus the people of California).

Every year, millions of people from states other than California enter or leave the state.  Nobody is quite sure how many, since Sacramento doesn’t track the entries or exits.  Our porous border with Nevada, Oregon and Arizona allows people to come and go as they please – without having to apply for entry.  The Constitution doesn’t say that we cannot require out-of-staters to get a visa, nor does it say we cannot limit the length of their stay or restrict their ability to take employment that should go to lawful Californians – but federal activist courts have conjured up such “rights” out of thin air to please special interests.

Worse still, thousands of people who enter California from outside the state decide to stay and collect unemployment insurance, take employment that would otherwise go to Californians, or have children – who can immediately begin collecting California funded benefits like schooling and infant health care.

It’s alarming to note that many of the people who enter California from outside the state have criminal records and participate in illicit activities within the state – and our complete lack of border control and intrastate migration management renders our state government powerless to prevent terrorists from entering our state from rural, poorly policed areas like central Nevada.  If a terrorist attack ever happens in San Diego or Los Angeles, it will likely be California’s open borders that are to blame.

In some state hospitals, administrators estimate that 25% or more of the babies born have parents who are from another state. Many out-of-staters who have babies in California hospitals do not have health insurance and do not pay their hospital bills. This obviously cannot be sustained, either by the hospitals involved or the taxpayers who end up paying the bills.

No other wealthy, western states grant automatic residency to those who simply happen to stray within their borders.  EU states, for instance, allow freedom of movement for their citizens, but require a visa for a citizen of the EU to establish residency in a state other than their home state.  These visas are restricted in number, cost thousands of dollars to obtain, and can take months or years to process.  In many cases, they’re not available to residents of very poor or backwards member states like Bulgaria. These states recognize that residency involves more than the physical location of oneself; it also involves some measure of cultural connection and allegiance. They also understand that a right to free movement between states is not a “right” to stop moving and set up residency.

If only that was the case in this union!  In California, thanks to our activist federal government, we have to accept even poor, uneducated and culturally alien Alabamians and Arkansans as “residents” – whether we want them or not.  These “residents” have no cultural connection or allegiance to California, and they arguably harm our economy and way of life.  They often view California as just another place to collect benefits for a few years, or take a job at a lower wage than a Californian would accept.

Make no mistake, Californians are happy to welcome residents who follow our state residency laws and seek a better life here. California is far more welcoming and tolerant of newcomers than virtually any region on earth. But our modern welfare state creates perverse incentives for out-of-staters, incentives that cloud the issue of why people choose to come here. The real problem is not migration, but rather the welfare state magnet.

Hospitals bear the costs when out-of-staters enter the state for the express purpose of giving birth. But out-of-staters also use emergency rooms, public roads, and public schools. In many cases they are able to obtain Medicaid, food stamps, public housing, and even unemployment benefits. Some have fraudulently collected Social Security benefits.

Of course many Californians also use or abuse the welfare system. But we cannot afford to open our pocketbooks to the rest of the country. We must end the perverse incentives that encourage out-of-staters to come here, including the automatic residency assumption.

Our founders knew that unforeseen problems with our system of government would arise, and that’s precisely why they gave us a method for amending the Constitution. It’s time to end the invented right of “residency in California to anyone who wants it” by creating an amendment clearly indicating the rights of Sacramento to restrict who may enter, reside within, take employment within, and claim residency within our state.


We are not purists

August 24, 2007

Contrary to the attacks from the extreme, far, far, far, so far they’re falling off the edge of right into crazy loony right supporters of Ron Paul, we are not “purists.”

Check out this graphic from Political Compass:

If we were purists, we would support Mike Gravel.  However, Mike Gravel lacks the funds, support, gravitas, and electable good looks of Dennis Kucinich.  Thus, we are realists — supporting the most Libertarian Democrat who can win the White House to deliver Liberty In Our Lifetimes ™.

And notice that yes, Ron Paul is even further to the right than Mitt Romney.  This stealth conservative might have fooled the MSM, but he won’t fool us!


L4K Official Poll Results: 66.67% of registered Libertarians support Kucinich candidacy

August 24, 2007

While the poll put out by Ron Paul’s LibertarianLists.com web site is highly self-selected, we at Libertarians for Kucinich are excited to announce a poll that is even more rigorously self-selected.

Our latest baseline data indicates that Dennis Kucinich has an infinitely higher support level than Ron Paul among Libertarian Party voters — 66.67% versus 0.00% for Ron Paul.

Even more interestingly, when Ron Paul is run in a hypothetical election against more liberal members of his party, such as Pat Buchanan, Libertarians continue to support Kucinich by a consistent 2:1 margin.

In fact, 2 out of 3 Libertarians recommend Dennis Kucinich as part of a healthy political diet.

Now, we know that the Libertarian Purists and the Ron Paul campaign alike will attack our methodology and point out that our margin of error is 35%. However, they are just being political and are angry that our rigorous poll has 65% correctness.

Below are the poll percentage results:

1) Which of the following candidates would make the best president of the United States?

a) Dennis Kucinich — 66.66%
b) Ron Paul — 0.00%
c) Doug Stanhope — 33.33%
c) Some other Libertarian purist who will never, ever win — 0.01%

2) Which of the following is the greatest political tragedy of the 21st century?

a) We still lack a national health care plan — 33.33%
b) The federal government is overruling the rights of states to ban guns — 33.33%
c) Eric Dondero — 33.32%
d) The USA PATRIOT Act — 0.01%

3) Which of the following is the least unappealing option?

a) A night of sweaty debauchery with Hillary Clinton — 33.32%
b) A night of sweaty debauchery with Karl Rove — 33.32%
c) Are you serious? — 33.32%
d) Paying my income taxes — 0.03%

4) If Ron Paul loses the Republican Party primary, which one of the following actions would you support?

a) Having Ron Paul declare his undying support for Dennis Kucinich for president — 33.33%
b) Having Ron Paul get real and understand that only Dennis Kucinich could bring us Liberty in Our Lifetime ™ — 33.33%
c) Having Ron Paul donate his life savings to the Kucinich for President Campaign Committee — 33.34%
d) I am a purist Libertarian pantywaist who intends to vote for Phillies or Smith — 0.00%
e) I support Daniel Imperato and forgot to take my lithium this morning: — (-0.01%)

5) Who is the hottest?

a) Shane Cory — 33.33%
b) Stephen Gordon — 66.65%
c) Daniel Imperato after 11 drinks and a Social Security reform speech — 0.01%

6) Which is the most reliable way to get unbiased statistics about politics?

a) FOX News — 0.01%
b) CNN — 0.01%
c) LibertarianLists.com — 0.00000000000001%
d) LibertariansForKucinich.com — 99.967%
e) Other — 0.0000001%

7) If Dennis Kucinich loses the Democratic primary, should the Libertarian Party change its bylaws to allow him to become the Libertarian nominee?

a) Yes, because we need Dennis Kucinich in the White House! — 33.33%
b) Hell yes, because Dennis’s eyes see through the lies! — 33.33%
c) Are you kidding?!? Of course! — 33.32%
d) I am a Libertarian purist who hates real progress and thus am opposed to this incredibly good idea you’ve brought up — 0.01%


Keep Healthcare Holy

August 24, 2007

Lately, militant free-market healthcare activists have been trying to re-define health insurance as something other than the union of one worker and one single payer monopoly.

Did Adam contract privately with some guy named Steve to have his rib removed in the Garden of Eden? Of course not! He let his boss, God, remove that rib from him, and this was when God created single-payer healthcare (and Eve), and it was good.

But ever since Eve screwed things up for the rest of us and got humanity ejected from Eden, we’ve been trying to get back to that ideal of receiving our healthcare from the highest centralized power possible. First, it was a slightly higher power, our employer, in the form of the HMO. Then, state governments got into the act by mandating health insurance for everyone in the state. And now it’s time for a national healthcare system. In 20 or 30 years, we may be able to get the whole world united under a UN global single-payer healthcare system, at which point God may finally let humanity back into Eden and once again take responsibility for our healthcare.

But this can’t happen if the sin of privately-purchased healthcare is allowed to continue. We must do everything in our power to outlaw free-market health services, and the first step is the Defense of Healthcare Act, which would block activist judges from striking down state laws banning private healthcare. Anyone who believes in states’ rights should immediately contact their Senators and Representatives to urge passage of the Defense of Healthcare Act.

Let’s keep healthcare holy. After all, healthcare started out with Adam and God, not Adam and Steve.




Libertarians for Kucinich Condemn Hoax Mailing by Imperato’s Purist Libertarian Opponents

August 22, 2007

We recently received a mailing that looked like an official brochure from the Daniel Imperato, Libertarian for President campaign. But on closer inspection, it was clearly a hoax, as it contained crazy big-government schemes that no Libertarian would ever espouse.

Of course, we don’t support Imperato or any of the other Libertarian Party candidates, since all polling shows the next President will be a Democrat, and we believe the goal must then be to elect the most libertarian Democrat possible — Dennis Kucinich. But we nonetheless oppose dirty tricks by Libertarian Purists who wish to defame Mainstream Libertarians, whether inside the Libertarian Party, like Imperato, or outside it, like our Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich and Republican candidate Ron Paul.

While these Purists haven’t yet attacked our candidate, they’re clearly already going after Ron Paul, by putting out what’s supposed to be a 1992 newsletter in Ron Paul’s name which claims that all black men are predisposed to criminal behavior, and almost all black men in the Washington, DC area are guilty of some crime, whether they’ve been caught and convicted or not. They’ve even tricked Ron Paul into admitting that the newsletter was indeed published by someone working for him. These Libertarian Purists must be stopped. They’re ruining the best chance for Liberty in our Lifetime™.

Here’s a sampling of the crazy big-government schemes in the Imperato-branded brochure that tipped us off that it was a hoax by the Purist Libertarians:

  • “One of the biggest abuses in America is charitable contributions”
  • “I propose a new charity system where the only charity that can receive unlimited contributions is the Social Security 501(c)3 Charitable Fund”
  • “I propose an approval fee on all FDA approved drugs to be contributed by the drug companies to the US healthcare system”
  • “In addition, a percentage will be added to the wholesale costs of the drugs that are sold around the world”
  • “It is about time the drug companies support our healthcare needs”
  • “One of my major initiatives will be a US online education system … These programs and classes … will represent a gesture of moral and social responsibility by and between all universities which will collectively create the greatest online free education system in the world”

Clearly, if even our Mainstream Libertarian Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich and his Republican counterpart Ron Paul wouldn’t suggest such things, there’s no way an actual Libertarian Party candidate like Imperato would. So this brochure is clearly a hoax, probably put out by one of the Purist Libertarian candidates for president like Christine Smith or George Phillies. Whichever one of them did this ought to be ashamed and should come forward apologize immediately. Then, they should take a dose of political reality, figure out that a Democrat will be the next President, and then join us in supporting the most libertarian Democrat running — Dennis Kucinich!


Neither Here Nor There

August 22, 2007

The other day, a fellow Libertarian told me I was crazy for supporting Dennis Kucinich for President. “Don’t you know? Over 72% of Libertarians support Ron Paul. You should fall into line and get behind Ron Paul like the rest of us Libertarians.”

But Ron Paul can’t become President, and it’s for one reason and one reason only:

George Bush’s taint.

Yes, by merely being a Republican, Ron Paul simply cannot escape George Bush’s taint. Bush’s taint is all over Ron Paul. Granted, Ron Paul is extremely courageous by running for President, even with George Bush’s taint on him. I certainly couldn’t do that myself. If I had George Bush’s taint on me, not only would I not have the nerve to run for the highest political office in the land, but I’d even be too embarrassed to leave my home and venture out into the public. It would just be too much for me — knowing that every single pair of eyes that landed on me knew George Bush’s taint was on me. The mere thought of George Bush’s taint on me turns my stomach. I just don’t know how Ron Paul can even get out of bed in the morning with George Bush’s taint on him, because I’d just curl up and die.

Libertarians need to wake up and be more practical. A Libertarian isn’t going to win the White House. And thanks to the Iraq War and George Bush’s taint on all of the Republican candidates, a Republican won’t win either. The next President will be a Democrat. So we might as well all get behind the most libertarian Democrat around, and that’s Dennis Kucinich.